Prisoners Harass in Chemgang Jail

Oct. 2009: After the guerilla attack on the camp of security force on 12th Octover 2009, the Bhutan Government has started unnecessary harassment to the political prisoners of Chemgang Crntral Jail. Reportedly the attack was carried out by the United Revolutionary Force of Bhutan to pressurize the government to make serious on the basic political demands of the people. But the government claims that the attack was carried out either by the Communist Party of Bhutan (Marxist-Leninist-Maoist), in short, CPB (MLM) or was done under the leading role of CPB (MLM).
The political prisoners of Chemgang have appealed all the NGOs, INGOs and others to take up the matter with the Government of Bhutan and make it observe the Int’l protocol on the political prisoner. They have also appealed to pressurize the government to allow all the prisoners to continue their study and give examinations from the jail itself. They have appealed the government to be sincere towards the world community and convert the jail from the torture centre into a reform institute, from where nation building lessons are to be given. They have also appealed especially the Red Cross society and the Amnesty Int’l to visit the jail and work according to the real situation of the Bhutanese prisons and the prisoners.